SKED 我が国の魚類生産を支える黒潮生態系の変動機構の解明

The Study of Kuroshio Ecosystem Dynamics for Sustainable Fisheries


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Kagoshima-maru cruise (KG16-15)

SKED scientists Dr. Kobari (Kagoshima Univ.), Dr. Nagai(TUMSAT) and many researchers and students from Kagoshima univ., University of Kyushu, Univ. of Tokyo, Ehime Univ. FRA, and TUMSAT have participated a research cruise on R/T/V Kagoshima-maru. During the cruise, cutting edge oceanographic instruments, such as ocean glider with turbulence sensors, a turbulence profiler with nitrate sensor, a tow-yo microstructure profiler successfully measured the mixing in the Kuroshio origin.