SKED 我が国の魚類生産を支える黒潮生態系の変動機構の解明

The Study of Kuroshio Ecosystem Dynamics for Sustainable Fisheries


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During Aug 21-Set 4, 2013, SKED scientists, Dr. Okazaki, Dr. Hidaka, Dr. Fukuda, and Dr. Miyamoto participated a research cruise on R/V Soyo-maru (FRA). In this cruise, MOHT net was towed with 4 knots, which was too fast using ordinal nets, but MOHT enables us doing so at a relatively high speed. With the MOHT, we could sample fish larvae, micro-nekton, and fish with swimming ability at different depths. During this survey, we collected samples at 4 different depths.

Y. Okazaki

Fig. 1 MOHT net dimension:2.2m×2.2m(From Prof. Tokai at TUMSAT)。

Fig. 2 codend

Fig. 3図3 Fish samples shown for shallow (left) and deep depth (right).