Goto Laboratory
(Stock Enhancement and Aquaculture Division)

122-7, Nunoura, Tamanoura-machi, Goto-shi, Nagasaki, 853-0508 Japan
Tel:+81-959-88-2750  Fax:+81-959-88-2170
Amami Laboratory
(Research Center for Tuna Aquaculture)

955-5, Sakiyamahara, Hyo, Setouchi-cho,
Oshima-gun, Kagoshima, 894-2414 Japan
Tel:+81-997-75-0653  Fax:+81-997-75-0637
Development of seed production and breeding techniques for yellowtail aquaculture and research on the aquaculture of longtooth grouper
Development of fundamental techniques for aquaculture of tuna such as hatching and seed production, etc
Yaeyama Laboratory
(Research Center for Subtropical Fisheries)

148, Fukai-Ohta, Ishigaki-shi,
Okinawa, 907-0451 Japan
Tel:+81-980-88-2571 Fax:+81-980-88-2573
1.Research on the fishery resources of tuna and ruby snapper around the Nansei Islands
2.Research on ecology, structure, function and recovery plan of coral reef
3.Development of techniques for new aquaculture species such as leopard coral grouper